Monday, August 31, 2009

Estelle Hanania: White Spells and Demonic Babble

Estelle Hanania likes to do series that are a quest to find madness in reality- Contrary to many other photographers who shoot in a similar way thematically, Estelle prefers her photos to be very simple and natural, without filters or sophisticated lighting. She shoots in daylight with film and is more focused on the subject than the aesthetic.


This series "Hellga" is a collaborative project with the artist Christophe Brunnquell featuring images from a two day performance and improvisation with the performance artist Helga Wretman.

Estelle Hanania is a French photographer fascinated with folklore, rituals, costumes, and the macabre. Being a twin and living as a two person unit, she has always been interested in a life within a larger group and how people gather to create a world all their own. This you can see in her series "Demoniac Babble."

Estelle spent 3 days following a group of men in Switzerland who were on an annual pilgrimage out in the woods to worship nature. The men, called "The Ugly Ones" were dressed in homemade costumes made out of leaves, grass, and branches and went dancing, singing, and roaming the landscape in order to scare away bad spirits from the land. They were also paying their respect to their surroundings and wishing good luck to the seasons.

From a series called "White Spell"

See more of her work here.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Casual Kitten

There's this cool blog dedicated to cats called gatopoder. Check it out- The awesome artist Tara Sinn posted some of my pictures of cats. Some of these images were pulled of the blog, some weren't.