Sunday, June 27, 2010


I've recently relocated to the west coast, LA proper, the City of Dangerous Angels, and I have been too busy buying crystal keychains and rollerblades to post. The real charm is my lil studio cottage reminiscent of Weetzie Bat and Witch Baby's, on a hillside in Echo Park land-LORDed by the one and only Donita Sparks, THE LEAD SINGER OF 90's all girl grunge band L7. The band rules in many ways not only for their kick ass music but also for crashing the sausage fest that was the metal scene of the early 90's and being way active in the fight for reproductive rights, forming Rock for Choice, the organization dedicated to playing benefits in the name of Pro Choice. Donita calls her Gibson Flying V guitar the "Flying Vagina" for it's yonic shape and gained notoriety onstage at a show in Reading when she responded to mud-slinging by pulling out her used tampon, saying "Eat my used tampon fuckers" and slinging it into the crowd. Totally unapologetic, when asked about the incident Donita said "If we're invited to Reading next year I will be giving birth and eating the placenta onstage". DREEEAM LANDLORD. I'm loving it here riding my blades and seeing ghosts through my camera lens.

stay tuned till the end or you'll miss a shot of Donita's cute butt.

Here is L7 as the band "Camel Lips" in John Waters' film Serial Mom:

...making kurt loder nervous