Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Kirk Cameron is a sssnake!! Cristina from Romania rRules!

This is an interesting video, I agree with a lot of her later points, but I have some issues with what she says about men being more productive and more dedicated on the job, willing to spend more hours and such...That's WACK. But otherwise, she raises a lot of important questions about feminism...What does being a feminist today really mean? And why do so many people feel scared or obligated to call themselves a feminist? Women in America probably have it easier than women in any other culture in the world, and we have the legal repercussions for violence against women to prove it. It is a fact that women born in South Africa have a greater chance of getting raped than learning how to read, scary considering it's the country with the highest AIDS infected population. Of course this is a very layered issue and it can be argued that sexism and misogyny within the American system debilitate the justice. That is what makes me a feminist. I heard someone on the trolley in Philly today talking to his fairly unresponsive friend about how women are dangerous and are like female dogs. He even went so far as to say "especially the ones with jobs." He was being completely serious. I wanted to jump up and yell in his face "Yea MOTHERFUCKER I worked a 16 hour day yesterday WITHOUT a break, You better be scared of this BITCH!!!" I suppose he's afraid of women being in a position of authority seeking their gruesome revenge for a lifetime of oppression from fucks like him, just like all the daft evangelistic white people who think Obama is going to enslave them. Being self-sufficient is soo dangerous. It's ignorant people like him that make me a feminist.

See where she got some of her statistics here and here . Some sources seem legit, but I doubt they consider all the self-employed women artists who aren't in the corporate books.

Here's a new style from Cristina "Reflection"

a little style inspo

Cristina's Youtube Channel

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Have you heard of this girl yet? You must have! Tavi Williams is a 13 year old blogger who is a fashion editor in her own right with a precocious writing style to boot...Her blog Style Rookie consists of spot on critiques of up to date fashion and self portraits of herself in her own eclectic garb inspired by looks on the runway as well as from movies such as Harold and Maude, Vertigo, Where the Wild Things Are, Manhattan, and Marie-Antoinette. She dresses up in found vintage frocks and giant bangles mixed with designer pieces the designers themselves have sent her. Usually I roll my eyes at these pre-teen internet-made-famous photographers/fashionistas/bloggers but Tavi seems as sharp as a tack, and says her philosophy for style is to embrace the rude stares and know that what you're wearing isn't boring! She's even made a rap for Commes des Garcons. She isn't at all a socialite (yet) but she's getting invites left and right to fashion shows and has even been asked to design leggings for the design sisters Rodarte.
See her this month on the cover of POP Magazine in a collage of illustrations by Damien Hirst! Read Tavi's reviews of fashion week over at POP's Blog.

These next few are from a shoot she did with a bunch of clothes LOVE Magazine sent her to put together, model, and photograph.

See the interview that went along with this shoot in Interview Magazine Online

You can buy this shirt inspired by Tavi made by Karoline on her blog

Still from Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds serves as style inspiration for Tavi

A look she put together based on the earth tones used in the book and upcoming film Where The Wild Things Are.

Here she is with Rodarte and (wuh!) Sofia Coppola!!


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lyoka Tyagnereva: Russian Blue

Lyoka Tyagnereva is a Russian model with the fluffiest hair and the fiercest stare. She's getting really big now but I had the pleasure of working with her on two photo shoots before her fee skyrocketed. When she walked into the first shoot she immediately reminded me of the dorky foreign girl you woulda met at camp 10 years ago. And by dorky I mean awesome. She seemed shy and mature and totally herself. She wore something like khaki cargo pants and a men's button up and blushed seriously when we put on Peaches' song "Fuck the Pain Away."

Lyoka has such a strong look but with that comes versatility. She can be crazy edgy and use her sharp jaw line and cheek bones to cut through you, and at the same time be soft and cuddly like a pouty little girl who just found her teddy. She's also elegant and graceful and the lines of her body can be connected like a perfectly rendered map. For me though it's not her 31.5"x 22.5"x 34.5" frame, it's her face, her hair, and her 'tude.

The Sagittarius was born in 1986 in St. Petersburg and studied chemistry and biology in high school and botany in University. She's been in Dolce & Gabbanna ad campaigns, Vogue Italia, Lanvin runway and much more. She's repped by One Model Management in NY.

Lyoka said that the biggest misconception about models were that they are stupid and are like prostitutes, the latter being mostly judgment from her homeland. She says people are realizing that's not true and that as far as stupidity goes she can't say that they are really clever, but not stupid! Usually, for me at least, the model is the most interesting person with the most interesting life on a shoot.

From what I've gathered from the short conversation I had with Lyoka and interviews I've read online, she likes ice skating, ballroom dancing, reading, exploring, and laughing. She hates hairdressers. She values her honesty and her proudest achievement is "finishing school with all 5's and a medal."
Here are some pictures of Lyoka by Winona Barton-Ballentine from one of my favorites shoots I've assisted on in early 2008.

Here are some pictures by Poppy de Villeneuve on a shoot I assisted on for Nanette Lepore's very first ad campaign in 2008.

When asked if she believes in luck she said "I think if you want to do something, you do everything to reach your goal. In this case luck will support you, but I think luck doesn't like lazy people."