Friday, January 22, 2010

Lina Scheynius: Diary fashion portrait diary diary dream awake...

On Lina's website there are pictures of hard-ons next to pictures of Chanel. Her work really blurs lines and sheds barriers of categorizing themes in photography based on expectations of when/where things are appropriate. She photographs her life, and the way she photographs fashion seems just as raw and intimate. I've been a fan of Lina's work since seeing it in Dossier magazine (where i used to intern) about a year ago. These first four are for Comme Des Garcons.

4 images of one of my favorite models Maria Carla Boscono...

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  1. ive heard her boyfriend is the person who runs
    true? no?

  2. I don't think he runs that, her husband Emeric Glayse runs No Found:

  3. Maria Carla is so stunning, it's unbelievable. And she's Ricardo Tisci's favorite :D

  4. ooohhhh YEAAAHH thats what i meant..