Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Logan White :: Bad Manor

If yall are in the Buffalo area come to this!! Come to me!


curated by Liz Rywelski

Logan White is, perhaps, the most prolific independent pictorialist of her generation. At age 26, Logan has produced nearly 20 separate full bodies of work unpacking and constructing her own theories of spiritual abandon, empowerment, and applied or embodied femininity. Logan maintains a blog,, which renders self-contextualization and serves to educate her online following. Along with her art photography and blog, Logan has seen commercial success; recently with her Urban Outfitters Look-Book for Spring Summer 2010,

The images presented in BAD MANOR resonate with an inherited knowledge of feminist propaganda. We observe a still defeated, self-entangled, gender assignment, figuring out how to play the finite game. Gothic content in the work of Logan White will alert you to that something has gone truly fucked up in her passionate maintenance of feminist history and secular abandon. Yet these images are intrinsically fertile, as a product of Logan’s working and inspired relationships with her longtime friend’s and model’s. This selected series of images present a dark, selectively saturated game space, where always seductive and sometimes dusty, hang in metaphoric and atmospheric unison.

BAD MANOR, as self-assigned and infinite in unison, the undefeatable game, the maintenance, we will call it BAD MANOR.

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