Thursday, November 12, 2009

Nina Hagen in Amerika

over the top german singer, Nina Hagen, was considered an Opera Prodigy by nine years old. She grew up protesting the East German Government, has incredible style, stage presence, and a daughter named Cosma Shiva. Her voice is expressive and possessive, on an Austrian Talk show on the topic of youth culture, she became infamous by demonstrating female masturbation techniques, too bad I can't find a video of that!

Here she is towards the end talking about women in Africa being castrated and unable to attain orgasm while being forced into becoming birthing machines.

Nina on the Merv Griffin Show with Don Rickles the "insult comic." They're not asking her any real questions but she makes the answers and entire experience fun and interesting.

Her outfit is a little Madge vs Courtney Love ca. 1985 here, but way better, and with Romy hair. She's singing in German but communicates so much with her eyes and face it's mesmerizing.

This is a cute introductory video of Nina from 1985. I hate how David Letterman always has to belittle what the interesting guests on his show say. He seems to enjoy light chit chat with passive attractive females and the minute they say something interesting he has to cut them off. He does it worst with the most interesting people, more subtle with Nina than with Crispin Glover on acid. She's adorable.

Nina Hagen in Amerika- this is really worth watching all the way through even though it's 99% in German.


  1. U said Nina became infamous by demonstrating female masturbation techniques, and u can't find a video of that.

    I found one talking about this "scandal" on Club 2 1979.


  2. So what is all this about RELIGION and Nina, I grew up listening to her (born in 1983) and her recent album about JESUS really threw me for a loop. I guess she sung so many DIFFERENT songs that I never thought she was into JESUS as SAVIOR and all of that. She seemed interested in Hinduism etc back in the day. I was upset that she would make an album all about JESUS but perhaps she has been a Jesus follower all along and I didnt know it !?

  3. I mean she has that picture ABOVE where she is making the sign of the devil?